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This course will teach you the basic principles and techniques of self defense. You will learn practical skills that can be done to defend yourself against an attack no matter your gender or size. This course includes topics like overcoming the fears of self defense, using pepper spray, and physical skills to neutralize and escape an attacker.

Everyone should learn self defense!

Total course time includes 1 hour and 8 minutes of video training as well as knowledge reviews, final test, remedial help and reviewing downloaded material.

  • Self Defense
    • Introduction
    • Four Fears of Self Defense
    • How to Use Pepper Spray
    • Hand to Hand Self Defense Tactics
    • Headlock from Side
    • How to Practice With no Training Partner
  • Grabs
    • Hair Grab
    • Wrist Grab Escapes
  • Choke Holds
    • Choke from Behind
    • Choke from the Front
    • Rear Choke Against Wall
    • Front Choke Against Wall
  • Bear Hugs
    • Bear Hug from Behind - Arms In
    • Bear Hug from Behind - Arms Out
    • Bear Hug from Behind with Lift
    • Bear Hug from the Front - Arms In
    • Bear Hug from the Front - Arms Out
    • Bear Hug from the Front with Lift
  • Mount Escapes
    • Mount Escape
    • Escaping Aggressor Between the Legs Position

What People are Saying

“The training was very helpful and informative. ”

- Julia, Case Specialist from FL

“I’ve been a martial arts nerd for many years so It’s great to now be certified in self Defense. Thanks Pro Trainings!”

- Matt, Warehouse Maintenance & Assembly from SK